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Prints of some of my works are now available in my shop! *v*

I only just got it started, so might take a moment before I learn all what there is to know about the site. Thank you for stopping by! <3

Edit: FREE shipping till 27th July!

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Ladies Fray and Scarlet having a moment together. It’s harder to aim kisses properly with closed eyes, but perhaps Scarlet is following her nose instead. 

Painted with fine watercolors and gouache on Daler Rowney paper.

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Brave mother.

This drawing has been waiting for colors in my drawer for a couple weeks now and I finally got to paint it. Amel with her son Kiaran, making sure no harm comes to his way.

Watercolors and gouache, Daler Rowney paper.

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A private meeting.

Nahor, who dwells in the small volcanic island nearby the shores, gets sometimes visitors despite his shy nature. Vana is just one of them, but he has been visiting a little more frequently these days.

Painted with fine watercolors and Flame Orange ink on Daler & Rowney watercolor paper.

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A couple of my older paintings and some of my personal favorites (I’m so fond of gardening themes). Dimitri and his former teacher Lady Cathrene doing some of their favorite chores - picking flowers, planting and tending them. :>

Dimitri’s biggest dream is to one day have a garden of his very own, just like Cathrene does, but a less poisonous one.

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Dimitri dreaming of his favorite thing, big and happy flowers. Those dark and velvety poppies he saw once keep coming back to his mind.

A little personal painting in between freelance work. Painted with Fine watercolors, gouache and indian ink on Daler Rowney paper.

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Visual Communications 4 project:
Character designs and Key frames presenting a redesign for Super Mario Bros. in which Princess Peach, aided by a mysterious Toadstool Merchant, sets off on an adventure to rescue Mario from the evil Bowser!

This project was a lot of fun for me! I wanted to really push myself with the shapes and proportions of characters and try a different style. Usually my work tends to be on the cutesy and conservative side so this time I wanted to make something a bit edgy and tongue-and-cheek. It was fun re-imaging a series that I’ve grown up with and finally giving Peach the spotlight. (We won’t mention the DS game they made for her….)

Thanks for playing!

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My piece for Nucleus exhibition! The show opens its gates today in Los Angeles!

Available as print here : http://www.gallerynucleus.com/detail/17109

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